Who Is Rika Dime?

unnamedErika Harrison which is better known as Rika Dime  is originally from Brooklyn, New York. Erika is only 20 years old but, she is known for many things but a lot of people would probably say they know Erika for being a Fashion Diva and a positive role model.  At an early age, Erika knew what she wanted to do and that was to leave her mark in the earth but the question was: How?

Growing up Erika experienced a lot of adversity throughout her childhood from: trying to comment suicide several times, dealing with different forms of abuse, being homeless/ moving around a lot, dealing with racism up close and personal, and having a couple setbacks. In spite of everything, Erika still was determine to chase after her dreams. After examining everything she was faced with, she decided her mission and purpose was to help inspire others with her story, and the things that she faced and overcame. Even though she knew, it was a strong possibility others will judge her she still had it set in her mind that she was going tell her story by all means.

So she started Simply the Dime which started off as a blog on wordpress.com, her mission was to give advice on Love, Life, Health, and Lifestyle. She also used that as a platform for her to talk about the things she experienced. Many of you’ll know her first blog post was My Battle of Suicidal Thoughts.  After having viewers oversea view her blog, she was granted the opportunity to be a host of her own internet radio talk show. Right than and there that’s when Erika knew, her calling was to help inspire others through other people success story. On Dec 14, 2013 she aired her first show, she started to interview people that was making a positive change in their life while facing hard challenges of everyday life.

Today Erika is the CEO Of Simply The Dime , and Simply The Dime Blog Talk Radio at the age of 20 years old. She is focused on growing her business and building a million dollar empire. “I want to get into so many things and I’m grateful I’ve been given the opportunity to have a voice, my goals are far from being simple but with hard work and dedication I will reach everything I have set out for myself.” Erika is definitely an ambitious woman trying to beat the odds that were set against her.



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