TeaAt this point, I have to keep it real when it comes to people judging you and others about your weight in order to get a man. Now, in March, I previously talked about God-Sizes and God-Shapes and I’d like point out about what size and shape LOVE really is. In case you didn’t know, God IS LOVE. God is so big He can cover the whole world with His love, and so small He can curl up inside our hearts.  To be honest, you really shouldn’t be worrying about your weight, Ladies, and you know that Our Father in Heaven doesn’t care, either because HE’S the one who created you and tells you that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL in HIS EYES!!

I have a good friend of mine that was inspired by Gabourey Sidib eand she posted a statement year ago about how she deals with the struggles of being a plus-sized lady. When she was young, her greatest wish was that people would pay close attention to the size of her heart and talent instead of the size of her as a full-figured woman.  I was real fascinated by that because that’s exactly the problem with most people. I mean, they are thinking like, “Them big ol’ gals got weight problems. Big as they is.” So to set the record straight, my friend say, “No, boo-boo. We ain’t got no weight problem. You just got a problem. You just got a problem with our weight.” She got a good point on that one. She even tells me that she have people questioning her about her weight, too. Now that really took the cake.

They asked her, “How did you get so big like that? You weren’t like that when you were younger.” Guess what her response was Ladies. “You know what. You ask God that question because I don’t control the fact that I have more meat on my bones and I don’t even control the fact that I have stretch marks, either.” she said. I totally agree to what she said because I, too, have been in the same situation and look at me now. I have a man who accepts me for who I am. Now, if that worked for me, it could work for you, too, including her.

But the truth is, every calorie is NOT a war! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL no matter what you eat. It’s best to measure the sizes of your faith, heart, and talent because whatever the number say on the weighting scale, it does NOT determine how BEAUTIFUL you are!! From now on, NEVER allow anyone to bring you down and always keep your pretty head up because you BEAUTIFUL the way you are!! When it comes to guys wanting you, check this out. By you being a size zero won’t make a guy like you more. But if that’s the case, then he’s not worth it. If guys judge you by the size of your jeans, then guess what. You judge them by the size of their hands. You don’t have to lose weight for a man to love you. LOVE YOURSELF!!

Funny thing is, I don’t understand why can’t you love yourself the way God made you! So what if you have curves?! Not everyone is a size! You must know, Ladies, that God is Love and He will always will be. In order to love God, you have to love others as well as yourself. No matter what size, shape, color, you’re in, Love doesn’t discriminate. When you find someone you love and God approves a ring size and how big of a wedding wouldn’t be a priority. Pleasing God and not insulting His creations of you, is what really matters.  Love yourself, Ladies. No matter what, and always know that there is a reason God made all of us BEAUTIFUL, regardless of what size we’re in. WE ARE BEAUTIFUL!! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!

On that note, here’s a valuable lesson for you to learn: The size of your waist does NOT determine your BEAUTY, it is the size of your HEART that does. PERIOD POINT BLANK!!!

With an open heart and full teacup, I say unto you in the words of my soulmate:
“Ladies, Stay Beautiful and Stay Independent!!”


Who Is My Greatest Influence???

Wow!! How wonderful!!


If I had only one person whom I have admired to be my greatest influences,
it would be my sister, business partner and my true friend Ms. Erika V. Harrison
of Simply The Dime Blog Talk Radio.

The reason why I chose Erika as my greatest influence because she’s such a wise person that so much to give. She is a great, positive role model for anyone can look up to for guidance, kindness, and wisdom. Ever since last year, I was very fortunate to be one of Erika’s social followers and I even felt very blessed
to finally meet each other face to face this year!

To be honest, God works in mysterious ways that allowed us to become friends and business partners for her very own company. Because of God’s goodness, Erika was very fascinated by my gifts and my sparkling spirit, she was real benevolent enough to…

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