I. C. U. (I Crave for Underestimation)

A wise friend of mine and a loyal fan of my hubby’s was totally inspired by his music project he had done four years ago. The two of Songbird’s projects that inspired her were “Underestimated” and “I.C.U”. It was so fascinating to her that she created that for my very own business because mainly that’s what my passion is for, motivating people throughout every day life.

quoteI find that real amazing enough for me to give share some tea to that! Here’s the question: Have you ever wonder why you must crave for underestimation in order to feed your motivation? It’s very simple. Your dreams are as hungry as your demons, so it’s best to make sure you’re feeding the right ones. People need dreams, they are as much nourished in them as food. That way, you must feed your faith and all your fears will starve to death, which specifically explains why you should NEVER let your fear decide your faith or your future so you must always stay hungry.

You have to realize that there will always be someone cuter than you, smarter than you, with more hustle than you, more privileged than you!!! You have to want it more than anyone in the world taking no days off knowing that it’s some that wants to take your place!

To really make it crystal clear…

Whenever you feel underestimated, you’ll need to crave for something more than anything you can think of and that is the Word of God. You don’t need to sit around and eating junk food of the world because it won’t do you any good at all. I mean, You Are What You Eat: Reminded to desire the pure word of God instead of the junk food of the flesh. God guides your diet. Left to yourself, you would eat junk food. God feeds you on the diet of His Word.
scripture cake

Just imagine God is speaking 5 words to you: “Forget the world. Remember Me.” That’s HIS way of letting you know that He is preparing a great feast before you and all who have underestimated you will be present to watch you eat. Real Talk!!
Publication 4-14-15 (4)


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