I define the true meaning of a true friend as being honest, faithful, kindhearted, and true to others just like you’d be to yourself. The only way for me to be a true friend in God’s way is to never be two-faced, which means I can do three things: Love God and others, trust God and a few, and Obey God and do no wrong to anyone.

To prove the point, I’m an honest person and I’ve learned a valuable lesson about true friendship. God placed us in a catergory of precious and semi precious stones. Some individuals are likes diamonds and some are like cubic zirconias. Regardless if its long distance friendship or not, never ignore who cares for you because one day you’ll come to realize that you have lost a diamond while you were busy collecting stones.

In closing, here’s a little reminder for you to remember:
When you got something good, you hold on to it. When you got something bad, you let it go.
Don’t cling on to cubic zirconia because you can simply find them anywhere. Cling on to diamonds because that God’s way of sending the kinds of friends He’d want you to have so be very careful of what friends you make.



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