KLS’s Top Five Fabulosity Foods

Designed by Wykeshia

According to Kimora’s theory of being a Goddess,
here are the top five foods that will be healthful to every woman of the world.

Acal Juice
acai juice

Like pomegranate juice but even better,
it’s got powerful antioxidants and it tastes great.

Dark Green Vegetables: Spinach, Kale, Collard Greens, and Watercress
spinach kale collard greens watercress

We need this stuff! It’s got the folates to help prevent cancer, and it’s plain-out essential.
Eat something green and leafy every single damn day, Ladies.

Pre-Made Smoothie

Those $3 ones you buy at the supermarket. Instead of grabbing a candy bar or chips, grab a smoothie when you’re hungry. It still has a lot of carbs, but it’s got good stuff in it too.

Dark Chocolate
dark chocolate

It’s good for your heart– in moderation.
Eat a couple of bites of a really good quality bar in the afternoon–
the caffeine will keep you up all night if you eat it later than that.

Green Tea

Watch out for commercial green tea beverages–
they have as much sugar as a soda!


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