QUESTION: Which Will YOU Choose?

Real Talk!!


You’ve heard this saying many times “Life is a test that I didn’t study for” and to add my meaning to the sentence, “Life is not just full of choices, it’s full of multiple choices.”  But when it comes to us REAL ladies, which will you choose?

It seems to me that the whole world is full of Bathsheebas. What I mean about that is there are too many men out there lusting after women based on their body parts. For example, the ladies that every men always lusting and rapping about are  Beyonce, The Kardashian Sisters, Halle Berry, Nia Long, and so forth. These are the examples of Bathsheebas. It doesn’t matter if these is ladies are beautiful based on the body figures. What does matter is how beautiful they are by they respect themselves. I figured that if you would start paying attention to the sizes of every…

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