I Bet You He’s Not Well Versed Like Songbird!

If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up. The rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only to hold a man’s foot long enough to enable him to put the other somewhat higher. unnamed (2)

Stereotyping has damaged the black man’s image in the eyes of their son’s, daughters and society. Black men are now beginning to believe and therefore are living up to the demeaning and derogatory assumptions, about how they act, react; behave as males, fathers and employees. The media, the news industries, clothing industries and other societal mainstream affiliates have cornered the market on representing black males in a stereotypical manner, that disproportionately depict black males as criminals and ghettoized.


Why is it that we view all black men to be the same? Is it because that’s all we have been exposed to? Is it true we are a product of our environment?  Now, before you jump to conclusion, I didn’t write this blog post to bash our African American Men, but to shead light on one of our brothers. That is beating the negative sigmas that are set out for African Men in today society.

unnamed (1)

Eddron Scott  which is better known, as Songbird is one determine man. That is fully committed to his dreams and changing the life of others through is vocals(singing / rapping)  and also through telling his life story. I came across this 23 year old  Louisiana native , over Instagram a couple of months ago. I was taken back, by the talent this man posses and how humble he is. As you’ll know I have my own radio station here in North Carolina , and at the time I was looking to do a interview with a underground artist. Whether they sing /rapped or did both, and I came across Mr.Songbird himself. As I being to ask him some questions,about his career and what propped him to join the music industry . I quickly learned that, he isn’t ashamed of his past, and will tell you off the rip his journey was far from easy. Trying to get out of his own way Mr. Scott experienced a lot of things, a teenager and young adult shouldn’t have to face or worry about. But instead making excuses and using his situation as a clutch not to strive for the best. He used that same frustration to motivate him. Right than at that very moment, I gained so much respect for him. Not to mention , he’s currently in school, working towards receiving  his master. Mr. Scott is what you call a role model, motivational speaker, and the definition of  what success looks like. unnamed (1)


So when I asked Mr.Scott will he be willing to do an interview with me . His response was yes , and that was the exact response I was looking for. After I thought I knew it all, he hit me with something else, and this cycled continued. He was like a mystery all bottled in one bottle. (My interview with Songbird can be found on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/simplythedime) once again I learned to never judge a book by it’s cover. I am glad I was able to cross paths with him, because I have learned so much from him. It makes me happy to see young men following and chasing their dreams. That are faced with everyday obstacles but chooses to not settle. Be looking forward to a lot of upcoming things from Mr. Songbird, he just dropped his album titled “23”  on the April 23,2014 how clever is he? His album can be downloaded http://www.darpiff.com/songbird-23-mixtape.605384.html , make sure to check him out ! Like, comment, and share, if you’re on instagram follow him @I_am_songbird . Last but not least be looking forward to part 3 of our exclusive interview.



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