Just A Update!

Hello ladies and gentleman, I want to start off by apologizing and saying sorry. I know I have been missing in action for a couple of weeks!! I have been really busy and needed to pull away and take sometime out for myself, since I really haven’t gotten the chance to do so. With me being in school and having my own business, it takes a lot of personal time away from me.  But I am back and feeling better than EVER!!

So much has taken place in my life, in the past couple of weeks! So it would only be right that I catch you’ll, up to speed as to what’s been going on. First and foremost my relationship with GOD, has gotten so much stronger and solid. I have really been seeking GOD out, and grounding myself in his word and trying to stay on the correct path. Even though I am in the beginning stages, I am so excited and ready to began this journey. Over the weekend I , started to watch “The Bible” which can be found on Netflix along with “The Passion Of Christ”. I would defiantly recommend you to watch those two movies on Netflix. It is an eye opener and it really breaks down everything so you can have a better understanding.

Secondly I have had to remove myself, and cut off a lot of people out of my life. For various reason, it finally has dawn on me the reason a lot of  potential friendships and relationships. Doesn’t go anywhere is because I’m a child of GOD and I don’t mix with darkness. Meaning NON BELIEVERS ,  it took me seven years to really understand that , and learn to accept those things.  I always thought  it was me and I was the reason why my friendships or relationships wouldn’t last. Also remember one thing don’t ever feel like you have to subject yourself to certain kinds of behavior because you’re lonely and seeking friendships/relationships. Have standards , create a bottom line , and don’t compromise on those things.

Lastly my business update; everything is going great, I’m motivated and happy about some new things that will be taking place soon. My website is currently down, because  I’m working on a new format and look so it will be up and running soon. My online magazine was released this past spring , yes I’m still doing my interviews and inspirational podcast every week. I have a lot of great ideas , and things that are going to blow you’ll minds, but I will say I am working on my E Book . I promise I will get back to doing my fashion setups. I will list a schedule, and times that I do my shows. Make sure you’ll are following me on Instagram , Facebook , and Twitter. I love you guys and talk to you soon. XOXOXO




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