A Letter To My Old Self

Dear Erika,
I know you, I know you better than anyone else, so just listen. Life is hard, but it won’t always be like this. I’ve known you been knocked down so far, that it too you awhile to get back up, I know you cry yourself to sleep sometimes, and you think it makes you weak, but it doesn’t. Everyone cries, everyone has that breaking point, were everything becomes too much and we just have to let it out.. so we cry. You are not weak!! I know everything you been thru, I know your secrets, your weaknesses, and I know you have trust issues. You tell everyone you’re too young for love, but in reality, everyone has walked out of your life, everyone you have loved, left. But you shouldn’t stop yourself from loving, that would be selfish and I know you’re not selfish. Don’t rob someone of the love you can give them. I know you’re insecure, but not because of your outter appearance, but you’re afraid everyone can see your inner scars, everyone can see how broken you’re inside, you’re afraid everyone will be able to tell your story that you’d tried to hide so well, you spend hours in the mirror, not because you’re vain but because you feel you have to be perfect!! Put your guard down, you don’t have to be that strong women all the time, sometimes, you can be that broken little girls you hide inside.. let love in and let love out. Life is yours and you will be just fine ♥


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