No matter where you go! No matter where you are at! Everything relies on you, the thoughts that sit in your mind! The attitude you have! The drama you bring! The happiness the sadness you feel! The mistakes you make! The goals you achieve! The things you do! The things you are afraid to do! The things you don’t do or won’t do! The leaps we don’t take! The things we say! The things we don’t say! LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT! You can’t run from life, you can not run from the person you are, you will never be a Winner no matter WHERE YOU GO until you Start WINNING where GOD has you at right now! Most people think they can pick up pack up and run NOT KNOWING YOU ARE TRAVELING WITH YOUR SAME BAGGAGE! Your same Fears, Doubts, & HeartBreaks, IVE LEARNED -You must stand face it all solve the problems fix the problems find out who; You are as a person fix your flaws and accept the ones you can’t change 🙏 No matter where you go -If you want to be the best if you want to win if you want the people to know who you are and love who you are YOU CAN NOT RUN! Cause no matter where you go they will ALWAYS come back to your HomeTown to find out who you where ❤️ Face it Fix it! I can tell you right now I am far from perfect I mess up everyday I deal with real problems and situations daily I am a working progress but I am here working and trying to fix who I am so I can become a better me after I feel in my soul I am ready then I will Go but I know God is not done with me yet.


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