Advice on Cheating

Advice on Cheating:
1. If he has cheated on you, chances are he will cheat again because he knows you will take him back again since you did the first time.
2. But if he doesn’t cheat again, chances are the relationship will never ever be the same because of doubts you think he’s cheating.
3. If you think he’s cheating, confront him.
4. If you continually think he’s cheating you either don’t trust him (and probably never will) or he really is cheating and dump the bastard.
5. If he has cheated or is cheating and he apologizes….sorry but he’s not sorry for cheating, but sorry he was caught or the other girl wasn’t as good as he thought she was.
6. Hate to say it, but there is no love when cheating is involved. If he loved you he wouldn’t cheat on you, lie to you, betray you, make you look like a fool, and hurt you. If you think that is love, then you will never be able to feel what love can truly feel like. This is only my advice, no hate intended, you can ignore it or grow from it. Love yourself first…


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