Hello March

untitledToday is March 1, 2014 , and I’m so excited to start a new month! Why? Because it’s a fresh start and  the beginning of a new venture. Not to mention , the season has change which is very vital. ” As the season change , you should be evolving / changing as well”. Many people might not  agree with me, but that’s one of the beauty of life . You never know what to expect; from second to second or minute to minute. But it can also be a scary thing as well , but that shouldn’t be a reason or excuse as to why you DON’T live your life to the fullest . We have all heard that famous cleshay , but everyone has their different meaning as to what it mean.

To me, it means to do what makes you happy, whether it’s with your career or family, because ultimately, your happiness is what really does matter and you cannot just “exist” in life; you have to “live”. Do whatever you want, everything you have dreamed of, and stay with the people you love and who make you happy. Don’t just go through everyday, dreading it and wishing for other things, do the things that you wish for and be as spontaneous as life is. That way, you can actually live your life to its fullest potential. Regret nothing.

Whatever took place yesterday, last month or last year  LET IT GO!! Today is the start of a new beginning , you can’t expect to move forward and progress if you are living in the past. I still struggle with letting certain things go ,but as I continue to grow and mature. I’m starting to understand the importance of letting certain things go, that are toxic and detrimental to my life. In closing I want you to remember; Time is of the essence, How you spend your time is totally up to you. Note you can never get that last-minute , second, or hour back.



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