Eight Things You Should Never Compromise For A Relationship

The older I’ve gotten and the longer I’ve remained single, I decided there are some things that I’ve decided to cross off of my “mandatory man” checklist and opt for more obtainable traits.Basically, I’ve decided not unrealistic ; but let’s not get it twisted. While I am open to re-evaluating my checklist, there are some things that are simply not up for compromise. And while every woman will have her own set of non-compromising things, we all need them to ensure we don’t lose ourselves in a relationship or set ourselves up for disaster.  Here are a few things that I believe should never be compromised for the sake of a relationship.

Number One -My Spiritual Beliefs

When someone enters into your life , they not there to change who you are as individual. But, they are there to bring certain things to your life. That does not include changing your spiritual beliefs, if you are comfortable with who or what you believe in, you shouldn’t feel obligated to change that for the sake of a relationship.Now on the other and , if you believe in nothing and someone wants to introduce you to their religion, that’s different; but never should you feel it mandatory to believe in what someone else believes simply to keep the relationship going.

Number Two -My Family

My family is a very important part in my life, beside the fact I’m very family oriented . Now, I’m not saying my family comes first before my man. But what I’m saying is it that there should never  be an ultimatum of man over my blood . If a man doesn’t accept my family, he’s basically saying he doesn’t accept me. In no way should I have to choose family over a man and vice versa .

Number Three – My Friends

Once again my friends are important part in my life as well, especially if we established a friendship before my man came into the picture. I feel the both us should still  have a outlet , because there are things that I can talk to my girls about that I can’t talk to my man about ( vice versa),  and that’s were our friends come into play. It might be an adjustment for your friends because the relationship took a turn . Your not single anymore, so now most of your time will be spent with your significant  other. But remember to always have a balance in all you do that’s just apart of being an adult.

Number Four – My Dreams Or Aspirations

If your significant other , doesn’t or can’t support your dreams that individual  shouldn’t your in your life. Point. Blank. Period. That’s should be a huge RED FLAG.  Why would a person that loves you or support you want to deteriorate you from pursuing your dreams?  At the end of the day you’ll are suppose to be  a team and should want to see one another progress as  individuals and together. You’ll are there to help add and multiply things into each other life not subtract or divide anything but support one another.

Number Five – My Basis For A Family

Eventuality I would like to have children , I want a husband who believes in commitment and values his family.  If my partner is not interested in this, there is no point in entertaining a relationship.

Number Six- My Self-Esteem

If I feel like less of a person with you, then it’s not healthy. While this seems pretty simple, most of us stay longer than necessary in a relationship because we usually blame ourselves for someone else abusing our self-esteem. And while it’s true that it is considered ‘self’ esteem and you are in control of it, if a relationship proves toxic to my self-confidence, then it’s definitely not something that I want to remain in.

Number Seven- My Core Values

There are certain values and morals that we’ve all acquired over the years. They are the things that make us who we are. To leave them behind would be leaving a part of ourselves behind for someone else.

Number Eight -My Physical Health

Now this is a no brain , no one should be subject to mental , verbal , or physical abuse. If a man hits me, I can’t stay. Even if I love him, fear of what could happen wouldn’t let me stay.

Thank-you for taking the time out to read my blog , I really appreciate the love and support . As always my mission is to help inspire others with the knowledge I have gained .  If there are any topics you would like for me to discuss or blog about please don’t hesitate to let me know. Make sure you follow this blog , and again thank-you for all the support


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