The Four P’s : PushBack’s /Setback’s

untitledIn life we all go through our own personal experiences , like I said before it varies from person to person . But I can promise you no matter what we all experience:  Pushback, Possibilities, Preferences, and Pinpointing is something we all go through . At the end of the day , were just trying to get out of our own way or just simply trying to find out what we really want out of life . Most people don’t believe me when , I tell them that : This year I really found out what I wanted to do , and what my purpose on this earth was . I still deal with The Four P’s . Remember my mission is to inspire others with the knowledge that I have gained. So , now  that we have identified what The Four P’s are let’s dig in and get up close and personal with them. Are you ready ? If not , get ready.

Pushbacks : Pushbacks / Setbacks can be anything that makes you stand still or push you  backwards. Setbacks can be something that prevents you from making  desired progress. Setbacks can be disappointments, failures but see them as a positive gift so that you can make a comeback. Sometimes  setbacks can be difficult situations or challenges. Setbacks can make life really difficult at times.
How to Turn Your Setbacks to Comebacks?
All over the world and in different spheres of life  have turned their setbacks into great comebacks. The following tips will be  of help.

(1)  Life Happy with positive people!
Forget about the negative and toxic people that don’t deserve you. Remove them from your life.
They are suffering from blindness. They are holding you back instead of moving forward. Sometimes it’s tough to remove these people out of your life but to make tough decisions is part of life! Part of moving forward! Part of making a comeback!

(2)  Identify the Cause(s) of Problems
The first thing you need to know is to identify the possible cause(s)  of the setback. Try to establish the cause(s) of the problems. It is  when you have successfully done this that you can make any meaningful  progress towards turning your setbacks into comebacks.

(3) Learn Possible Lessons
In every setback in life there are lessons to learn. Look at  the whole scenario with a view to identifying possible lessons to learn  and then learn them. If it requires that you change or build a strong  character or learn self discipline learn the lessons.

(4) Pick Something Up
Start from where you fell and from that point make sure you pick something  positive up. Build something good from the place where you fell.

(5) Start Again
Someone once said that ‘failure is an opportunity to start again more  intelligently’. You must believe in yourself to start again. Don’t be  afraid to start all over again. Make better strategies and plans on how  to achieve your new set targets.

(6) Keep Trying And Be Grateful For Your Setbacks
In trying to make great comebacks in life, you must be persistent and  patient. Never, never and never give up. In every burden there is a blessing, and if we are wise, it is  out of  these challenges that we can grow. Don’t throw in the towel  because  this is not the time to quit. Tough times do not last, but tough  people  do! Keep putting your best and you  will surely comeback.
Be grateful for your setbacks. In every setback there is a blessing just like in every burden. Learn from it and start building again. Always get back up! Always.


During the week I will be go more in depth with the other three p’s . Thank-you for taking the time out to read my blog , I really appreciate the love and support . As always my mission is to help inspire others with the knowledge I have gained .  If there are any topics you would like for me to discuss or blog about please don’t hesitate  to let me know. Make sure you follow this blog , and again thank-you for all the support .


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