Stuffed Corn & Black Bean Quesadillas

Stuffed Corn & Back Bean Quesadillas 1

This is one of those meatless recipes that you would never know (or care) is meatless! These are probably my favorite quesadillas ever, not joking. The combination of the beans and the cheese and the corn… seriously. I have come a long way from eating Taco Bell once every week ! It was just too easy to drive through and get an order of quesadillas and some soft taco supremes, you know?! But honestly, I didn’t know how much better Mexican food could be. So incredibly easy, too. If you want, allow the quesadillas to cool an extra ten minutes, slice into quarters instead, and you have a KICKING game day appetizer!Stuffed Corn & Black Bean Quesadillasadapted from Budget Bytes, serves 88 burrito sized tortillas15oz can black beans, drained and rinsed1 cup frozen corn, do not thaw1/2 red onion1/2 cup flat leaf parsley1 packet taco seasoning2 cups shredded cheddar cheesesour creamsalsashredded lettuceIn small food processor, chop parsley and red onion. Dump diced onion and parsley into a large mixing bowl. Mix in black beans, frozen corn, taco seasoning, and cheese until well combined. 

Place 1/2 cup filling on half of a tortilla and fold. Cook over medium heat on a non-stick griddle. Flip when cheese has begun to melt and cook an additional 2 minutes. Repeat for remaining tortillas and filling. Allow to cool slightly, and slice each quesadilla in half with a pizza cutter. Serve with shredded lettuce, salsa, and sour cream for dipping.

New York Fashion Week

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As we all know NYFW, is coming to an end. From February 11-19,2015 NYC has been hosting several events, having runway shows, introducing different designers etc. Oh and most of all it’s been busy!! Also LOTS of FASHION, and a since of diversity. Now everyone should know that, everyone wears their “Best Dress” all week. I mean come on now, people travel miles away just to attend this huge event. I wasn’t able to attend NYFW  this year but hopefully,  next year I will be able to. So tell me what you would wear to NYFW ?  I picked this outfit  classy,sassy, and elegant. Be looking forward to our next Fashion Look soon.

Marry Your Business

Having your own business is a lot like being married. It requires faithfulness and dedication. If you aren’t dedicated and faithful in your marriage, it probably won’t work and same goes for your business.

There are so many people who start a business and expect it to take off and run itself, but it’s not that easy. You have to take care of it, make changes when necessary, always have an open mind, and most importantly have fun with it.

Change is good. Your business has to be able to evolve and compensate its surroundings in order to be a success.  Keeping your business innovative and fun will show successful results.

Having your own business is like a commitment to a partnership. Your business is there to provide the services to clients but YOU are the one that will draw people in and keep them coming back. You support your business and believe in its success.  Like I said before, your business cannot run itself.

Think of how you manage your business. Do you sit back and let it do all the work? Or do you treat it like a marriage with support and devotion? If you aren’t seeing results you had expected, you might want to reevaluate your loyalty to your business.

Knowing The Difference Between An Asset And A Liability


Do you know the difference between an asset and a liability? Some people will say the most common definition of both which is: An asset is anything that you own is worth something-that could be “turned into money.” Liabilities are the opposite of assets. Liabilities take money out of your pocket.

We often see our possessions like our car, computer, phone, tablet, etc. as assets but what we must realize is that all of those things lose their value and when we go to sell them or trade them, we are actually losing our money. Now, of course we have to have all of these “assets” but we can make up for the loss we encounter by investing in bigger assets that will actually make us money. Like a business.

Your business has the potential to become your most valued asset if you are willing to put the time and effort into building it. Instead of worrying about having the newest phone or vehicle, we should be worrying about constructing a strong platform for our business to be built on. I put my heart and soul into my business and it has become my greatest asset and I continue to work hard to build it even bigger each day. I know that if I continue to focus on the bigger picture, my other depreciating assets won’t be as great of a liability as before.

When constructing your business try to think of the residual income that can be acquired if you work it the right way. If you can manage to build your business into your strongest asset, you won’t have to worry about what car you purchase, or what phone you have, because your business will counteract all of those liabilities and you will have a steady stream of income. Your profits will outweigh your expenses greatly!!

This week I want to encourage you to focus on your business and building your real assets. Invest your time into something that will continue to bring you income after years have passed, not something that will lose it’s value and cost you more money in the long run!!

Preparing Your Business For The Holidays

Preparing your business for the holiday season is a must. You have to plan ahead and consider all of the new potential clients that will come out of the woodwork. The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to build your client base and establish relationships for a lasting customer base. I pulled some great tips from an article I ran across this morning about preparing your business for the holidays:

Creative Marketing Strategy - Strategizing in the anticipation for this time of the year is a great idea for any business. So make sure to incorporate creativity! Do something different to attract all of those holiday shoppers or clients who love to spend this time of year. Handwriting notes to your existing client base wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving/Christmas is a great idea. By doing this, you’re showing customers your appreciation while also keeping your business in their mind.

Promotions/Sales - With the presence of Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes discounts and sales. It’s a great time to entice your existing customer base with discounted products and services. So of course it is a good marketing tool! Use this to your advantage by sending targeted incentives (such as coupons and exclusive deals) to a preferred customer list. While promoting the business, it may be a good idea to inform your clients of any pre-holiday promotions.  However, it is suggested not to go overboard. Remember: You want to make a profit, too!

Content Marketing Strategy - Similar to your regular marketing plan, in anticipation of the holiday influx, you should make sure that SEO and content marketing is implemented wisely. Go back to your previous years’ campaigns and analytics. What worked? What are the trends for this year? When looking at the trends, it’s a good idea to uncover what people are searching for related to your industry and the holidays.  So make sure that your SEO is on track by researching the historical trends for keywords. When it comes to any content, make sure that you are using your content to inform them but at the same time tie it into the holidays. Reinforce your new content by sending out email campaigns. Just remember that engagement is key, so engage get them excited about the impending holiday.

Website Preparedness - Now would be the perfect time to perform any necessary upgrades to your website. More customers are becoming online customers, so it so important that your website is running smoothly and able to handle new customers in addition to existing clientele. Your website must be able to accommodate all of the sales that you are going to receive, so take the time now to work out any bugs or kinks dealing with your website for a smooth checkout process. You don’t want to lose out on any potential revenue because your website was down or because your merchant credit processing was having issues. The key to website preparedness is to make sure your website is ready to accommodate the herds of clients who are.

How To Overcome The Obstacles From Your Past To Make You Strong


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Which Foods Can Help Save Your Memory?


I’m all about doing everything that I can to prevent disease, what about you?

Studies show that diets that are high in saturated and trans fats can increase your chances of developing memory loss as you age. LDL cholesterol can not only damage your heart, but now research is showing that it can also adversely affect your brain.

If we want to stay “happy” and remember our families, we need a diet shift to help keep our memories going.

In fact, a Mediterranean diet, which is comprised of foods that are high in healthy unsaturated fats (olive oil, fish, and nuts) has been linked to lower rates of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet:

Olive oil, fish, vegetables, and fruit improve the health of your blood vessels, which reduce your risk of a stroke that could cause memory damage.

Omega-3 fatty acids help improve your vascular health. Fish is high in omega-3′s, so eat up. Having fish twice a week should be your new goal.

Drinking red wine once a day has also been shown to help heart health in women.

Which Foods Can Help Save Your Memory?

  • fish
  • olive oil
  • limit your red meat
  • lots of fruit and vegetables
  • whole grain bread and cereal
  • moderate consumption of red wine (one glass for women per day)

Basically, everything above are the wonderful foods of a Mediterranean diet. Studies have shown that those who eat mostly this way have a lower chance of suffering from memory loss. Stick to these heart and brain healthy foods and you’ll have a much better chance of keeping your memory intact.